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From the Nyírábrány – Érmihályfalva border crossing (between Romania and Hungary), two kilometers to the East, we can see the guestrooms of Barantó. This part of the frontier, better know by the local people as Brantó, was occupied form the years 1542 by the Csiha family with all their possessions, until the nationalization made by the communist dictatorship. Here, at the beginning of the 1920’s Csiha Sandor built his country mansion, and here was born Csiha Kalman known as a school and churchbuilder, the bishop of the Transilvanian Calvinist Church.

After the nationalization, the family was moved into another home and the gradually disintegrating house was transformed into the collective economy office building until ’89. Eventually, after 10 years of litigation and wrangling, the family regained the house and its huge but neglected and died out garden.

In the yard of the restored house, with the rebuilding and transformation of the former rent houses, the Csiha family and its descendants opened the guestrooms of Barantó.

Here, on half way between Budapest and Eastern Transylvania, far from the noisy world, we await all those who would like to relax in a rural mood, being close to nature and still not leaving behind the comfort of a home. The bigger cities, traveling places, memorials of the Hungarian culture, in the west, Transylvania, and in the east, Hungary, are equally close, and besides all these things, the programs organized here assure the visitors  that they will spend their free time substantially.

Our offer is equally favorable both for those living in Romania, and for those from Hungary. What makes our offer more attractive is the fact that there are a number of discounts for groups.

Everyone is welcome here!


Seven rooms await you, with 30 sleeping places, and separate bathrooms. And besides these, there is a possibility of camping, on a clean and guarded territory, with separate washing possibilities for our campers. The quarters are private, with modern kitchen, and which give space for up to 30 people, and because of this large space, it is suitable for different events too.


Programs: From the guestrooms of Barantó, it is easy to reach Debrecen (30 km), Eger (100 km), Hajdúszoboszló (50 km), Carei (30), Oradea (60 km), the memorial of Ady Endre.

We can also recomand the medicinal waters and thermal baths in Debrecen, Hajdúszoboszló, Marghita (40 km), Săcuieni (26 km), Tuşnad, Oradea,, Carei.

Starting from here, Eastern Hungary can be visited in one day.


One night in the guestrooms o Barantó, with separate bathroom, supplied with toilet, a room providing a comfortable homelike feeling, costs   8 EURO;

Our campers can occupy a camping place in the Barantó yard that has five thousand square meters, the shower and the toilet are, of course, for free; costs 3 Euro

Group discount varies depending on the number of the people belonging to the group and the time spent here.

Besides all these programs, we also provide for our guests, local programs with tariffs, and for all fishing fans, at the distance of three kilometers there is the lake of Érsemjén. Guests also have the possibility of playing table tennis and football, and for all those who want to free themselves of the everyday stress, they have the possibility of playing games or just relax by the campfire.



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